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How to get


1. order the product

2. settle account by paypal

3. We deliver the product including EMS trace code 13-digit

4. The goods arrive in 1to 2 weeks



Details of the cost


1. cost for product

2. handling charge 5%

3. shipping cost ( refer to below)

4. paypal fee 0%( no charge)


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The standard of the delivery


We send the merchandise in one or two weeks after you ordered it.


Weight Asia Oceania,America Europe
Up to 300g JPY 900 JPY 1,200 JPY 1,500
Up to 500g JPY 1,100 JPY 1,500 JPY 1,800
Up to 600g JPY 1,240 JPY 1,680 JPY 2,000
Up to 700g JPY 1,380 JPY 1,860 JPY 2,200
Up to 800g JPY 1,520 JPY 2,040 JPY 2,400
Up to 900g JPY 1,660 JPY 2,220 JPY 2,600
Up to 1,000g JPY 1,800 JPY 2,400 JPY 2,800
Up to 1,250g JPY 2,100 JPY 2,800 JPY 3,250
Up to 1,500g JPY 2,400 JPY 3,200 JPY 3,700





We don’t have so much stock.

They are carefully made one by one by skillful craftsmen.

Wait for some time if the goods are sold out. As soon as the products are ready, we will mail you.



Rule of return


We do not accept any returns except for the breakage.

When you order, be careful of the names and sizes of the goods.



About Webmaster


Riverstone,Inc has charge of stuffed animals made in Yamane-kobo and sell them

world wide.


The name of the demand is our studio’s name like below.


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2. 数量

3. お届け先住所