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stuffed animals


“YAMANE STUDIO”has been making stuffed animals in Japan since 1985.

We mainly use wild animals living in Japan as a model for our products.


Loveliness of animals has no boundaries!

Please take a look at high quality and realistic stuffed animals made in Yamane-kobo.


Staffed animals’ artist: Keiko Ochiai


“YAMANE STUDIO ” started in 1985.

Stuffed animals at “YAMANE STUDIO ” began with the series of “Japanese wild animals”.


We gave the diorama exhibition against the background of the seasonable clothes at the art galleries in Japan.


In 1991, we founded the direct management shop with in Abashiri,Hokkaido(close to the World Natural Heritage of Shiretoko,Shari)










Officail site :yamanekobo.com


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